Labcorp & Quest Diagnostics – Orlando Nerve Injury During Blood Draw

February 19, 2014 by Tony Caggiano

Labcorp & Quest Diagnostics Orlando laboratory technicians should carefully draw blood from patients. Otherwise, nerve injury can occur. Innocent patients can suffer brief discomfort, temporary injury and pain from bad needle placement. Unfortunately, as Orlando injury lawyers, we know that life-long nerve injury effecting arm function can occur when blood is improperly drawn in a local lab or hospital.
People routinely go for blood work in the Orlando area and lab techs frequently take blood samples without any complications. That is encouraging because most of us are encouraged to see our doctor at least once a year for a physical examination. Getting blood tests are an integral part of an annual physical evaluation. Without current blood work it would be difficult for doctors to proper evaluate patients’ current state of health. Of course, many more individuals will experience a sudden illness or trauma and require blood tests. While everyone expects some discomfort - a pinch – a poke – you would not anticipate an electric shock throughout your arm. Certainly, you would not expect a life-long disability simply by going to have your blood drawn for lab work.

As Orlando injury lawyers, we expect laboratory technicians to comply with all appropriate, rigorous standards. While it may seem like a simple procedure, specific rules must be followed by health care professionals drawing blood. When these standards are not carefully followed, an injury to the median nerve or a radial nerve injury can result. These two nerves are often involved in this type of lawsuit. Sadly, poorly trained workers or use of bad technique create needless opportunities for nerve injury and harm. This is especially true where the wrong location or approach has been selected by the lab technician or nurse. When that occurs, these nerves can easily be damaged.

Patients who experience an injury when having blood drawn can experience significant pain upon needle insertion. Those patients often cry out and the tech quickly removes the needle and no lasting harm occurs to the radial or median nerves. However, when the needle is not promptly removed or when it is repositioned instead, the odds are greatly increased that serious nerve injury will result. When an individual experiences pain, feels an electric shock in their arm down to their fingers it is consistent with nerve involvement during the blood draw. What the lab employee or nurse does in response is important.

If you or someone you know has suffered nerve damage while having blood drawn, time may well heal the harm suffered. Full recovery is possible within weeks or months. Nerves are tough and can come back. Many folks once again enjoy painless living and regain the ability to use their arm normally. Unfortunately, should you suffer permanent or long-lasting harm to your median nerve or radial nerve, you may wish to contact experienced lawyers to discuss your options. As Orlando injury attorneys, we have the expertise to help. Please do not hesitate to fill out the online form or call us for more information.

Orlando Injury Doctors

January 7, 2014 by Tony Caggiano

Whether you live in Orlando or vacation here, businesses, retail stores, theme parks and other drivers must not endanger your safety. When carelessness causes harm, we find that the insurance company may compel you or your family member to be examined by a doctor of their choosing. Insurance company doctors will likely try to minimize the extent of your damages. They may “find no permanent injury or that any damage is not related to the accident.” As Orlando injury lawyers, we have received many complaints about such biased, medical doctors. Most of the time, we can help level the playing field!
As my partner, a medical doctor and attorney, Walter Ward, MD/JD, has taught our clients, many accident lawyers do not have sufficient knowledge of medicine to successfully expose dishonest medical doctors. Many do not understand the complex medical issues or invest the time to uncover the bias of these “hired guns.” Obviously, clients deserve someone who understands how to "bring the truth to light."

In addition to Dr. Ward, our staff nurse, Cindy Nixon, RN, has helped many accident clients understand both the medical and legal issues involved in their case. As a critical care, registered nurse, Cindy can manage the medical information and assist with any health care questions along the way. Our clients have found her to be an invaluable resource; and, she helps put togeterh the ammunition needed to go to war with dishonest medical experts.

Too many innocent people are at risk for unknowingly settling for so much less than their claim is worth. Our clients have let us know that too many people are not aware that there is a law firm like ours, with an attorney who is also a medical doctor and a board certified civil trial lawyer. It is for that reason I wrote the book, Seeking Justice: An Insider’s Guide for the Injured. It helps protect innocent, decent people from falling into the hands of lawyers who have no business handling their important case. We continue to offer a Free copy of this book to those who request one.

Disney Injury Claim

December 11, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Disney injury lawsuits have involved dangerous bathrooms, sidewalks and rides, and now a hot nacho cheese injury lawsuit. As Orlando injury lawyers, handling many Disney injury lawsuits with excellent results, we find this injury claim unique. A couple filed suit against Walt Disney claiming their 4-year-old son received severe burns during dinner at Orlando's Magic Kingdom last March. According to the family the boy was injured at Cosmic Ray's Starlite Cafe when a paper cup of scalding nacho cheese splashed on his face after he'd grabbed a food tray to keep from falling out of an unsteady chair. The Disney injury lawsuit claims the child suffered "permanent scarring as a result of the burns.
Unlike this injury claim, the details of most theme park injury claims have certain similarities. For example, the amusement parks and resorts of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando attract large crowds of visitors. This increases the need for workers to reasonably ensure the premises remain safe and secure. With efforts to increase profits, corporations have a tendency to lay-off workers and may not provide sufficient coverage for its guests.

Another similarity in theme park injury cases is that the visitors are often distracted. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are famous for awesome creations, parades and fireworks display. These displays and attractions are meant to captivate their audiences. Therefore, it is important for pedestrian areas and walkways to take this into consideration. Too many times we have seen injury and accidents due to theme park distractions and crowds.

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando will always be fun places to visit. We hope that each will remember that their guests assume they have done all they should to make their visit a safe one.

Orlando Mall & Store Injury

November 20, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Orlando malls, outlets and stores are fun, wonderful places to shop. Tourists and guests to Orlando amusement and theme parks find them a pleasant surprise while in central Florida. Unfortunately, as Orlando injury lawyers, we have seen increasing numbers of avoidable injury claims involving local malls and retail stores.
Many times these injury claims involve trip and fall hazards. For example, when shoppers are walking along sidewalks or pedestrian walkways, they have a right to a level, even and non-slippery surface. Yet, we have Orlando malls and stores with parking lots and sidewalks that are broken, uneven and slippery.

While no one can guarantee that trip and falls, or slip and falls will not happen, a mall or outlet store can provide safe pedestrian areas to prevent avoidable injury. In many of our cases, it is important to obtain photographs of the scene of the fall. Unsuspecting injury victims who trust the mall or store to “do the right thing,” may be surprised when the dangerous sidewalk or pathway is repaired and the owner or operator denies responsibility.

Most people are decent, hardworking and simply want to be treated fairly. Sadly, malls, stores and outlets do not always do so when injury results from their carelessness. Fortunately, Florida law has permitted us to assist many Orlando injury victims when dangerous sidewalks, walkways or parking lots have caused preventable harm. To help those who have been injured, we continue to make available a free copy of the Florida Accident & Injury Book, Seeking Justice.

Orlando Injury Lawyer Provides Immediate Help

October 27, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

With a proven track record of success, seeking only the highest recovery for each client, we continue to provide the valuable Florida Accident Book for immediate, Free download. Protect your rights within seconds.
After an accident, you may be wondering whether you should speak with the insurance adjuster. Or, you may be questioning whether to call one of those tv advertising attorneys. Do you wish to be treated like a number to feed a huge advertising budget?

If you do decide to deal with an insurance adjuster yourself, please understand that while that may be better than calling a tv lawyer – it can cost you a lot of money by going it alone. Sadly, you make mistakes after your injury that hurts your claim and may forfeit your rights. So, please understand that if you call our Orlando injury lawyers, we can provide the peace of mind you deserve. However, IF you insist on going it alone, then be aware of insurance company tactics that can reduce what you ultimately recover. Here are a few things to be on the look-out for:

Adjuster does not call you back promptly. If you do not hear from an adjuster within a day or two after your injury or accident, it may represent an effort to ignore you or worse – the other party is denying any responsibility for your claim. It may mean that the insurance company is shorthanded and without professional help – your claim may be grossly delayed.

Insurance Adjuster refuses to send information that you request or will not disclose his mission and his company’s interests in writing. Sadly, some insurance companies do not want to do anything that may help you. , They may not want you to know how much insurance coverage is available to help you. Disclosure of applicable policy limits is YOUR right! Also, some policies provide coverage for benefits when you are injured on someone else’s property even before the claim has concluded. This is called medical payment coverage and the adjuster may not want to disclose that without a lawyer presses them for all the information you deserve.

Representative will NOT admit their insured was at fault. We have handled countless claims where the other party was clearly at fault; but, that does not stop the other insurance company from denying fault. Is that fair? Of course not, but that is part of the “stalling and delay” tactics that you may face.

Obviously, there is much more. Please take a few seconds to download a FREE copy of our Insider’s guide for the Injured. Protect yourself now!

Orlando Hotel Injury

September 5, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Orlando hotels and resorts offer wonderful accommodations and amenities. Unfortunately, as Orlando injury lawyers, we have seen preventable accidents occurring at Orlando hotels and resorts.
Many times these claims involve trip and fall or slip and fall hazards. For example, when hotel guests are walking along sidewalks or walkways, they have a right to a level, even and non-slippery surface. Yet, we have Orlando hotels and resorts with floor surfaces, sidewalks and parking lots that are broken, uneven and slippery.

While no one can guarantee that harm will not happen, a hotel or resort can provide safe pedestrian areas. In many cases, it is important to obtain photographs of the scene of the fall. Unsuspecting victims who trust the hotel or resort to “do the right thing,” may be surprised when the dangerous condition is corrected and the owner or operator denies responsibility. In one premises liability case, water had accumulated on the tile floor and caused our client to get hurt. A family member wisely took photos and prevented the owner from later denying the existence of water on the floor.

Most people are honest, hardworking and simply want to be treated fairly. Sadly, hotels and resorts do not always do the right thing and may try to ignore their responsibility. Fortunately, Florida law has permitted us to assist many individuals when dangerous floor surfaces, walkways or parking lots have caused preventable harm. Over the years we have found that the best advice we can provide is to take photographs of the scene - especially the dangerous condition so noone can later deny its existence.

Theme Park Injury in Orlando?

August 8, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Theme Park injury and accidents continue to rise based on the number of people contacting us. As Orlando amusement park attorneys, we continue to aggressively pursue claims for visitors to these central Florida attractions. Many innocent local and out-of-state guests have been lulled into waiting months and months before seeking our help following their accident and theme park injury. Sadly, people trust Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, Fun Spot and the Magical Midway to “do the right thing.” In the meantime, medical bills go unpaid, vacations have been ruined and lives get interrupted. All the while, these large corporations hold on to their money and ignore valid and legitimate injury claims.
Recent theme park claims include a failure to provide a safe walkway for guests. Too often, debris or liquid on the walking surface causes a terrible fall. Usually, the park’s employees, if notified, will provide First Aid and offer to obtain a wheelchair. In those situations, these employees may fill out an incident report. It is important that injured guests do not sign any inaccurate statement if asked to do so. Sometimes a park representative will contact a guest after an accident to obtain a recorded statement. As we explain in our book Seeking Justice: An Insider’s Guide for the Injured, never agree to give a recorded statement. There are simply too many important issues about which most people have no knowledge. If you are not aware of these critical points, then you will not understand the importance of the questions being asked.

In addition, do not sign blanket medical authorizations. You do not want the operators of Orlando attractions to be obtaining personal and private medical information which has nothing to do with your injury or accident. Yet, that is exactly what you may be allowing if you sign a general release of medical information. .

If you have suffered an accident or injury anywhere in the Orlando area – especially at one of the famous theme parks or amusement attractions- get the help you deserve- and get it quickly. Do not be ignored for even one more day. We promptly respond to those folks who fill out our Get Help Now form or who call us toll-free.

Trip & Fall Injury

July 8, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Orlando injury cases can have some strange consequences. As Orlando injury lawyers, we have represented individuals with significant brain injury, orthopedic and nerve damages. Some Orlando injury victims suffer falls and land on their head and wake up with their memory wiped out. A few revive with their personality totally changed. Others tragically die. In a most interesting case, a woman fell down a stairwell, struck her head and injured her brain. The unfortunate results included waking up speaking with a Russian accent.

She had never been to Russia. She doesn't remember ever hearing a Russian accent. Yet since that fall, the first question she gets from strangers is: "Where are you from?" This case demonstrates how a personal injury can change your life in an instant.

For 42 years, this innocent woman whose case is being studied at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Maryland, spoke with what NIH neurologist Allen R. Braun called a typical mid-Atlantic American accent. But since the fall, her clipped way with consonants -- dropping the final "s" from some plural words, saying "dis" and "dat" for "this" and "that," or "wiz" instead of "with" -- and her formation of vowels -- "home" sounds more like "herm," "well" sounds like "wuhl" -- identify her more like a transplant from Moscow. The more fatigued she becomes, the thicker her accent grows.

What she has, Braun and other doctors say, is Foreign Accent Syndrome -- a rare and little-understood medical condition that can follow a serious brain injury. "It does sound strange," Braun said. "It certainly does sound like someone has a foreign accent."

For more information on injury claims, you can read the Florida injury book, Seeking Justice: An Insider's Guide for the Injured. When I wrote this book, I hoped it would help people who suffered an injurycar accident protect themselves from insurance company adjusters and understand the important issues before it is too late. I also wanted to provide a solid method for injured people to find the right lawyer. From the reviews we have received, it has done just that. For anyone injured in a Florida car accident, a Free copy of this book can be a great place to start.


Value of Injury & Accident Claim

June 19, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Why do juries award one person significantly more money than another injury victim for a similar injury? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. As Orlando injury lawyers, we spend a great deal of time studying jury behavior. After all, juries are the most important people in our clients’ lives when their case to trial. Most of the time when a trial ends, jurors like to retain their privacy and do not discuss their reasons for reaching their verdict.

In Florida, the law protects the sanctity of the jury verdict. Absent, special circumstances the parties to a lawsuit cannot compel jurors to discuss their decision-making process. Indeed, even when there are situations where jurors can be interviewed, the court will severely restrict the questions that can be asked. The purpose for such protections is to encourage individuals to serve as jurors when called and to provide the security for each to act without fear of having to defend themselves to others.

Precisely due to the “veil of secrecy” over jury verdicts it is difficult to explain why similar cases or similar injuries result in very different decisions. Obviously, it is not possible to have one jury decide two similar cases so the simple answer to why there are different results is that different people sat on the jury. However true that may be, there are some circumstances that we find make a difference in personal injury awards. Perhaps the most significant is how the plaintiff, the injured party, “comes across” during his or her testimony. If perceived as honest, hardworking and someone who does not view themselves as a “victim” jurors may be more likely to want to “help.

Specializing in civil trial work, which includes car and truck accidents as well as slip and falls, the presentation of the damage claims is critical. This is especially true when the harm is not readily apparent. Nowhere is this more challenging than with soft tissue claims. Yet, for some with ligament or tendon tears, the harm may exceed that of a broken bone which may well heal without complication. Whenever we obtain or learn of a significant soft tissue verdict, it is important to examine and learn from that experience.

We are pleased to report a recent award of more than one-half million dollars in a case involving soft tissue damage. While the rear-end collision involved no broken bones, the jury understood the magnitude of the harm and losses. That is what we strive to accomplish for our clients by limiting the amount of cases we handle at any one time. We believe results like this can only happen when trial lawyers take the time to focus on each client’s situation. Of course, we would be pleased to discuss your injury claim with you.

College Security Prevents Injury and Death

May 29, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Parents send children off to college hoping they will study hard and do well. While every parent worries about their children getting sick and eating right while away from home, they certainly have a right to expect colleges and universities to do all that they can to keep their children safe on campus. Parents of a college freshman who died mysteriously were recently permitted to continue their wrongful-death lawsuit. As Orlando injury lawyers we believe that too many simple security measures are overlooked on college campuses.

In this case, there were many concerns about lack of security which may have allowed a stranger to enter a dormitory and kill an innocent 19-year-old. Police and investigators found blood around a trash compactor, and the boy’s body was found in a landfill weeks later. While police have made no arrests in the case the parents continue to believe that negligent campus security contributed to this needless tragedy.

In negligent security cases it is essential to look at the type of locks used on student doors. Many older and outdated locks are easily broken or penetrated. In dormitory housing, it is also important to limit access to those who live or have a legitimate purpose in entering. Key or card access should be considered and door areas should be illuminated. Windows, especially on lower levels, should have adequate locks to keep them from being pried open. In addition, campus patrols can offer a substantial deterrent to criminal activity.

Orlando Dog Bite Injury Claims

April 18, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Nearly 450,000 people are attacked by animals in the United States each year, most involve dog bites. As you might expect, postal carriers constituted a significant number of bit victims, resulting in over 1 million dollars in medical expenses paid by the United States Postal Service in one year alone. As Orlando injury lawyers, we know the devastating harm an animal can inflict on both children and adults. So, why do attacks happen and which breeds are involved?
According to one of the nation’s leading home insurance providers, over 100 million dollars has been paid in claims for injuries sustained as a result of violent animal attacks. Although less than 2% of attacks were deadly, the injuries inflicted often required emergency, medical treatment and care. In frequent cases, the bites created irregular tissue damage – leaving scars and skin defects. Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of dog bites involved visible areas of the body, such as the face, arm and hand, leaving a permanent, noticeable injury.

While most dogs turn out to be wonderful, family pets, there are always exceptions in every breed or mix. Small dogs can actually present a significant risk of a “nip” but the large breeds account for the significant injury and damage claims. Family friendly large breeds, such as Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers rarely seem to be involved in injury claim. On the end of the spectrum are aggressive breeds such as Pit bulls and Doberman Pinscher. Indeed, it appears that the number of more aggressive breeds is growing in popularity since 2010, generating a greater number of attacks.

Although postal carriers as a group are the most commonly exposed victims, animal attacks result when unfamiliar guests interact with a house pet; when trying to pet an unfamiliar dog too quickly; when a dog is being protective or feeling jealous. There are a number of television personalities who describe pets in “people” terms and render advice as to the best way to discourage unwarranted and dangerous behavior. Certainly, dog owners have a responsible to others to protect against dangerous behavior.

Throughout the United States insurance companies handle dog bite claims. When a home owner insurer’s his property, liability insurance coverage is usually a part of the coverage. That insurance will often protect the owner against claims involving their pets. In a recent year, the State of Florida had a per-claim average of $38,400 for dog bite claims. Such statistics place Florida among those states which have seen a substantial number of tragic animal attacks. Unfortunately, unless more is done to actively address this situation, innocent children, adults and seniors will suffer needless injury. If you or someone you know needs assistance, we are here to help.

Theme Park Accident, Injury & Death

March 8, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

An Amusement Park is blamed for an accident causing fatal injury and death of an Iraq War veteran who fell out of a roller coaster. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the theme park accident resulted from inappropriately permitting the veteran to board the roller coaster despite having no legs. As Orlando injury lawyers, we have handled many claims involving amusement park and theme park accidents and again find the underlying issue to center around employee training and violation of theme park policy.

According to reports the Army veteran, lost both legs and a hip after a roadside bombing in Iraq. Without his legs, he fell out of the roller coaster during a family outing. The theme park employees allegedly violated the amusement park’s own safety rules when they allowed the double amputee to ride the roller coaster. As a result of the violation of theme park policy, the lawsuit alleges that the veteran’s small young children have suffered the needless loss of their father.

As a result of the tragedy it is further reported that amusement park officials are amending policy relating to training of its employees and personnel. How sad to have a tragedy like this occur in order to generate more training and safer practices in them park and amusement parks. Yet, from decades of handling Orlando car accident and injury cases, we find that most change to safety regulations occur after a needless accident.