Cruise Injury

July 12, 2012 by Tony Caggiano

As Orlando Injury Lawyers we often see individuals hurt at local establishments. Whether shopping, dining, enjoying theme parks or running errands, people encounter poorly maintained facilities and premises. With summer crowds and children out of school, it is even more important for businesses to ensure their customers and guests have a safe environment. Cruise ships are no exception as the following case reminds us:

While vacationing with her family on a long anticipated cruise, a woman tripped over a raised metal strip on the stairs that caused her to fall down head first. As a result, she required surgical intervention, along with physical and rehabilitation therapy. Although she tries to do what she can, she must endure a life of physical limitations and impairment. Sadly, a simple act of maintenance could have prevented all the harm to this innocent woman and her family.

We find that the majority of legal claims could easily have been avoided. The health care costs run into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars as a result of careless practices. Sadly, many businesses are too concerned with the overall impression their business creates - wanting to "impress" and neglect pedestrian safety issues. However, it is precisely because guests will not notice a raised metal step that creates a high risk of harm.

Whether running to the grocery store or traveling hundreds of miles on vacation visiting a theme park, staying at a hotel or on a cruise ship, individuals may encounter hazardous conditions. Obviously, when on vacation,families suffer terrible frustration - losing the vacation they worked all year to enjoy. Indeed, we have represented families who saved for more than a year or two just to take that "magical" vacation - only to see it end due to no fault of their own.

As Orlando Accident Lawyers, we have successfully represented individuals who have been injured in public facilities as a result of defects that resulted in major harm. Now, people can protect themselves from insurance companies and adjusters.


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