Theme Park Injury in Orlando?

August 8, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Theme Park injury and accidents continue to rise based on the number of people contacting us. As Orlando amusement park attorneys, we continue to aggressively pursue claims for visitors to these central Florida attractions. Many innocent local and out-of-state guests have been lulled into waiting months and months before seeking our help following their accident and theme park injury. Sadly, people trust Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, Fun Spot and the Magical Midway to “do the right thing.” In the meantime, medical bills go unpaid, vacations have been ruined and lives get interrupted. All the while, these large corporations hold on to their money and ignore valid and legitimate injury claims.
Recent theme park claims include a failure to provide a safe walkway for guests. Too often, debris or liquid on the walking surface causes a terrible fall. Usually, the park’s employees, if notified, will provide First Aid and offer to obtain a wheelchair. In those situations, these employees may fill out an incident report. It is important that injured guests do not sign any inaccurate statement if asked to do so. Sometimes a park representative will contact a guest after an accident to obtain a recorded statement. As we explain in our book Seeking Justice: An Insider’s Guide for the Injured, never agree to give a recorded statement. There are simply too many important issues about which most people have no knowledge. If you are not aware of these critical points, then you will not understand the importance of the questions being asked.

In addition, do not sign blanket medical authorizations. You do not want the operators of Orlando attractions to be obtaining personal and private medical information which has nothing to do with your injury or accident. Yet, that is exactly what you may be allowing if you sign a general release of medical information. .

If you have suffered an accident or injury anywhere in the Orlando area – especially at one of the famous theme parks or amusement attractions- get the help you deserve- and get it quickly. Do not be ignored for even one more day. We promptly respond to those folks who fill out our Get Help Now form or who call us toll-free.

Theme Park Accident, Injury & Death

March 8, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

An Amusement Park is blamed for an accident causing fatal injury and death of an Iraq War veteran who fell out of a roller coaster. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the theme park accident resulted from inappropriately permitting the veteran to board the roller coaster despite having no legs. As Orlando injury lawyers, we have handled many claims involving amusement park and theme park accidents and again find the underlying issue to center around employee training and violation of theme park policy.

According to reports the Army veteran, lost both legs and a hip after a roadside bombing in Iraq. Without his legs, he fell out of the roller coaster during a family outing. The theme park employees allegedly violated the amusement park’s own safety rules when they allowed the double amputee to ride the roller coaster. As a result of the violation of theme park policy, the lawsuit alleges that the veteran’s small young children have suffered the needless loss of their father.

As a result of the tragedy it is further reported that amusement park officials are amending policy relating to training of its employees and personnel. How sad to have a tragedy like this occur in order to generate more training and safer practices in them park and amusement parks. Yet, from decades of handling Orlando car accident and injury cases, we find that most change to safety regulations occur after a needless accident.

Walt Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando Injury & Accident

July 28, 2010 by Tony Caggiano

Theme parks and amusement parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are great places for the family. Unfortunately, while these theme parks offer a variety of attractions and amusements, they also present hidden dangers to unsuspecting visitors. As Orlando injury lawyers we have represented many innocent visitors who suffered serious injury at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.
While the details of each theme park injury differ, there are some similarities we have seen. For example, the amusement parks and resorts of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando attract large crowds of visitors. This increases the need for workers to reasonably ensure the premises remain safe and secure. With efforts to increase profits, corporations have a tendency to lay-off workers and may not provide sufficient coverage for its guests.

Another similarity in theme park injury cases is that the visitors are often distracted. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are famous for awesome creations, parades and fireworks display. These displays and attractions are meant to captivate their audiences. Therefore, it is important for pedestrian areas and walkways to take this into consideration. Too many times we have seen injury and accidents due to theme park distractions and crowds.

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando will always be fun places to visit. We hope that each will remember that their guests assume they have done all they should to make their visit a safe one.

Amusement Park Injury Leads to Tragic Death

August 6, 2007 by Tony Caggiano

A jury awarded $1.2 million to a couple whose daughter was killed when an amusement park roof broke loose during a storm. Strong winds toppled a pavilion housing The Whip ride, and the young lady was struck by the collapsing roof and pinned against a metal fence. This case was unusual in that this claim involved the structure associated with a ride and not the ride itself. For Orlando injury lawyers and lawyers throughout Florida, this case demonstrates the need to ensure local theme parks satisfy or exceed building code.

What's more, with the series of hurricanes that have exploded on our state in recent years, there is no excuse for amusement and theme parks to ignore taking all reasonable measures to prevent storm related injury and death to patrons. In this tragedy, the family's attorney said the pavilion was built with posts that did not meet the building code. Obviously, such violations can never be tolerated.

The defense in this case, as in many, raises a causation issue. That tornado-level winds toppled buildings and blew off roofs in the area; and, therefore the amusement park injury and death could not have been prevented despite all reasonable measures. To be sure whenever, an injury or death claim occurs during a natural disaster, the defendant will always have that built-in defense. To prepare properly, weather and local conditions at the time of the tragedy should be preserved. By doing so, you can evaluate what Mother Nature was doing in the area and at the time of your client's injury.

Orlando Theme Park Injury-Is it Good Business to Deny Accountability?

March 7, 2007 by Tony Caggiano

As Orlando injury lawyers we have represented theme park injury victims who suffered serious injury at Universal Studios properties and the many theme parks of Walt Disney World. Many of these individuals who contacted us only wanted the theme park to admit responsibility, apologize and offer to reimburse them for their lost vacation. Of course, by the time they contacted us, these folks were ready to receive full and just compensation.


While business groups falsely accuse Florida injury lawyers of bringing too many lawsuits, it is the failure of businesses to take responsibility for harm caused that forces individuals to seek legal counsel. Why would a theme park, for example, not simply apologize for injuries suffered by a guest due to an arguably unsafe condition? Does it not make good business sense to offer to extend a patron's stay or provide next year's accommodations at no cost?

Offering a real apology and complimentary passes and accommodations may prevent litigation. It would also turn a casual guest into a loyal fan for life. On the other hand, is it fair to judge the guest who is ignored by Universal Studios or Walt Disney World as being litigious because he or she refuses to "go away?"

With fractured wrists, arms and legs, guests complaining that all they wanted was an apology and an offer to "make it up to them next year" are not asking for too much. No, they are asking for too little. Perhaps these Orlando theme parks will learn that injury lawsuits may be avoided with better guest relations.